Having Issues With Your Water Line?

Hire us for water line replacements in Las Vegas, NV

Broken pipes and water lines can lead to major issues for your plumbing system. Fix problems with your pipes as quickly as possible with whole house re-piping services from BC Plumbing. Our company in Las Vegas, NV can help you clean and replace your pipes to make sure they're working as intended.

Contact us now to schedule water line replacement services for your home.

When should you replace your water line?

Because your water line is usually underground, it can be difficult to tell when it's having issues. Arrange for water line replacement services if you notice:

  • Pooling water on your property
  • A decrease in water pressure
  • Dirt or debris in your water
  • Water seems to have a color to it
  • Decrease in water pressure
  • Leaking water lines in walls or coming up through floor
  • Meter is running but can't find a leak
  • Water main line repair or replace
  • Re-pipe of water lines in house
  • Drain cleaning
  • Main sewer line cleaning
  • Sewer line repair or replace
  • Sewer line camera

Need to replace more than just your water line? Ask about whole house re-piping services when you call us at 702-449-2698 today.